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BuiltSmart by Bob | http://www.builtsmartbybob.com/
Demos Builders | www.demosbuilders.com
Earthtone Builders | www.earthtonebuilders.com
Jade Mountain Builders | www.jademountainbuilders.com
JAG Construction | www.jaggreenbuilders.com
Lobo Builders  | www.lobobuilders.com
Standing Stone Builders | www.standingstonebuilders.com
The Hands of Sean Perry Company | www.seanperryinc.com


  1. Steven Clark
    September 2, 2019

    Hello, we were referred to you by our realtor and dear friend, Stephanie Cochran, who used you for her own house remodel recently.

    We have purchased some land in Barnardsville, NC on Martins Creek Rd and looking to build a small 2bed/2bath home approximately 1,000 sq feet on our year round rushing creek (of course with a 30 foot required setback).

    We have designed the entire floor plan already in an app called Magic Plan, and we have the design to send to you to actually bring it to life with blue prints, etc for a builder to give us a price quote to begin the build. We’d love to build it as green as possible, but also conscious of costs involved, too, so it may not be an option for every sq ft of it. We would like to know how much you charge per sq foot to design the floor plan for the house and how much per sq ft to design the screened in deck approximately 300-400 sq ft with our detailed drawings that we will send. We will be back in Asheville on October 31 through November 4 and would love to schedule an appt to meet with your team and discuss our floor plan. Thank you so much for your time. Have a great week ahead! Steven Clark/Marty Mattox

    • Wilson Architects
      September 4, 2019

      Hi Stephen and Marty,
      Happy to talk to you about your project. Give me a call sometime and we can talk about how we would be able to help you.
      Our contact information is on the contact page of the website.
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Aaron Wilson


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