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On the Boards | Courtland


Option #1

We’ve just finished with the design for a new home on Courtland Avenue in Asheville.  Contact us for more information about purchasing the home. Read More

Under Construction | Buckingham Court


Just a few more days and this renovation will be complete.  Below are some images of the kitchen transformation. Read More

On the Boards | Pinkerton Corner


It’s great when we get the chance to develop the interior design of a project.  Check out the images below developed in collaboration with Alchemy Design Studio. Read More

Under Construction | Waynesville


850 square foot super insulated house in West Asheville. Read More

On the Boards | Mayflower


This is a renovation of an existing ranch home.  We will be removing the existing gable roof and replacing it with a flat roof.   These are the schematic design images for the project. Read More



This home was designed in conjunction with Mark Mickey Construction, and w.two architects is pleased to offer the plans for sale.  With an 850 square foot lower level and a 500 square foot second floor, this home is just the right size.  It has been designed to be easily converted to a 1-1/2 car garage and separate apartment on the second floor.  Check out the images below and please contact us for more information at info@w2arch.com Read More

Plan B | Courtland 3


Often in the design process we will do several schemes.  This gives our clients different options to react to and quickly rules out certain ideas while highlighting others.  Below are plans that didn’t quite make it off the boards, perhaps to be reinvented at some future time. Read More

On the Boards | Sunrise

front Read More