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Wilson Architects Inc. | www.w2arch.com
Asheville, North Carolina



Marketing images for our new collaboration with JAG construction.

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Wilson Architects Inc. | www.w2arch.com
Asheville, North Carolina

On the Boards | Tree House

Coming soon, our first tree house!  Take a look at the design images below.

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On the boards | Atali


Here is the front elevation for one of our recent residential projects.  See some of our other design sketches below. Read More

On the Boards | Green Roof Office


We are currently working on converting a 12’x20′ cinder block garage into an office space.  The finished design sketches are below. Read More

On the Boards | North Market


Trantham Construction is 95% complete on our recent commercial office space downtown. Read More

On the Boards | Courtland


Option #1

We’ve just finished with the design for a new home on Courtland Avenue in Asheville.  Contact us for more information about purchasing the home. Read More

On the Boards | Ruby


We’ve just completed the final drawings for a new project in Ruby, South Carolina.  It’s based on a  traditional Victorian farmhouse design with octagonal front rooms and a matching front porch. Read More

On the Boards | Pinkerton Corner


It’s great when we get the chance to develop the interior design of a project.  Check out the images below developed in collaboration with Alchemy Design Studio. Read More

On the Boards | Mayflower


This is a renovation of an existing ranch home.  We will be removing the existing gable roof and replacing it with a flat roof.   These are the schematic design images for the project. Read More

On the Boards | Sunrise

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We love it when a plan comes together…

The end  product is always a collaboration of many parts, but we get especially excited about the opportunity to work with great craftsmen. Seeing our original drawings for this cherry wood stair brought to life was a thrill. The  wood was milled on the site  by the owner and installed by the builder with attention to every detail.  Read More