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Design Process


Design and construction projects involve several steps.  Typically, projects go through the following six phases, however, on some projects several steps may be combined or others added. Read More

Residential Finish Checklist


The following is a list of common interior and exterior fixtures and finishes that will need to be selected for most residential projects. Read More

Plumbing Fixture Checklist


The list below outlines the typical plumbing fixtures used for a residential project.  We will also provide drawings showing each fixture.  Take both with you while looking for your plumbing fixtures. Read More


Finding the right countertop material can be a real balancing act between cost and durability.  We have tried to outline some basic information for some of our favorite materials below.  Read More

Electric Fixture Checklist


The following list will help organize the process of selecting electrical fixtures (lights) for your home.  Be sure to take this list and the electrical plan that we will develop along as you visit the lighting showroom. Read More



Use the following list as a guide when selecting appliances for your home.    Read More

Construction Administration


During construction we can make several trips to the site.  The frequency is based on the specific project but the following list outlines some of the common stages to visit the site during construction. Read More