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Plumbing Fixture Checklist


The list below outlines the typical plumbing fixtures used for a residential project.  We will also provide drawings showing each fixture.  Take both with you while looking for your plumbing fixtures.

Main Sink | Consider options such as integral material and under mounting.
Main Sink Faucet | Also include an aerator with a flow of 2.2 gpm to help cut your water usage.
Prep Sink & Faucet | Similar to main sink only smaller.


Integral stainless sink by Perdue Studios | www.perduestudios.com


M. Bathroom
Bathtub | Do you like to soak or is the tub only used when washing the dog?
Toilet | Check out the high-efficiency or dual flush options.
Sink | Double vanity sinks require a minimum 6′-0″ counter space.
Sink Faucet | Also include an aerator with a flow of 2.0 gpm to help cut your water usage.
Shower Head & Controls | Find a shower head rated for 2.25 gallons per minute.


Guest Bathroom
Bathtub | Do you need a tub in the guest bath or is a shower all that is needed?
Toilet | The price for the dual flush models are coming down.
Sink | Check out the vessel sinks that sit on top of the counter.
Sink Faucet | Use aerators on all the bathroom faucets.
Shower Head & Controls | Consider a hand-held shower head.  It makes cleaning the shower easier.



Toilet | Select the same toilet fixtures throughout the home.
Sink | Wall mounted sinks save space and look great.
Sink Faucet | Consider a wall mounted faucet.


Mud room sink and/or shower
Outdoor shower

Wilson Architects Inc. | www.w2arch.com

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